Better Together



Annually, the Friendship Circle team puts an amazing event together where members of the FC community and their families join in order to raise money and celebrate the amazing aspects of The Friendship Circle. At the Vonage Campus where the event takes place, the FC team decorates the area with teal and purple balloons (the friendship circle colors, of course), and sets up numerous pop-up stands with games and entertaining activities for volunteers and buddies to engage in. The brief walk around the campus is a time to bond with friends, and for volunteers to become even closer and more connected to their buddies. But what lacks appreciation during this process is ultimately the FC walk committee’s dedication to the organization of the yearly awaited walk. Weeks prior to the event, the committee gathers to fundraise, discuss ways to advocate for the walk, and ties together small details that would essentially perfect the function. The continuous success of the walk...
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The Voice of a FC Volunteer, By Alexandra Seidler

Every Sunday at 3 o’clock I pause my homework and leisure, get in the car, and make my way to Robertsville elementary school where I dedicate my time to children from all ages with mental and physical disabilities. I arrive by myself and sign into the Sunday Friendship Circle program, surrounded by kids with contagious smiles, jovial attitudes, and hearts filled with the unconditional passion to learn and grow with their dedicated volunteer buddies. Over the past two years I’ve made a family at friendship circle, and the comfort I feel at each and every program is indescribable and heartwarming to say the least. Few kids my age are privileged enough to work with the FC team and experience the benefits of giving back. Not only do the children that need assistance feel like they have made a substantial friend, but the volunteers that do the assisting are exposed to a rewarding feeling of love and gratitude.   The Friendship...
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