Better Together


New Family
Friendship circle changed my sons life when we moved to NJ! As a parent of a special needs child, it is so amazing to have options for different activities and camps through out the year! I love seeing my sons happy face every time he goes to FC! FC it's more then an organization it's a way of life for us now!
Yelena Gerts
Lucas' Mom
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Existing Family
“When someone you love has autism, all you want is for them to be accepted, to be happy. Through the very caring individuals of the Friendship Circle, children like my Jake, can have friends, learn about life, and be happy.”
Vickie Eisen,
Jake’s Mom
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“The Friendship Circle fulfills the basic needs of every person—to be seen, to be heard and to matter. The staff and volunteers know our kids and know our names, they know our story... We are seen, we are heard, and we matter.”
Jennifer Kreiger
Joe’s Mom
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