A note from the Director

Happy New Year, Friends!

As we look back on 2019 we can appreciate that it was truly an amazing year for Friendship Circle. This is, of course, largely due to our volunteers and supporters — we could not do it without you! As we cast our gaze over the past year, it’s easy to see that what we accomplished is merely a springboard for what we hope to achieve moving forward. There is so much opportunity to change lives right here in our community; we’ve truly just scratched the surface of our potential.

When we look ahead to 2020, we hope to fulfill our mission by finding new ways to help others through our work and bring more light and happiness to the world. We are thrilled to be facing 2020 stronger than ever, and we look forward to exciting changes in the year ahead! 

Let’s start by sharing the news that the annual Walk4Friends will be held on Sunday, May 17th this year! We will have more information in the coming weeks but save the date and we hope you’ll join us for a wonderful cause and a great time for the whole family!

Chana’le Wolosow


Featured News

The Friendship Circle receives 2019 best of Manalapan Award!

MANALAPAN November 20, 2019 — The Friendship Circle has been selected for the 2019 Best of Manalapan Award in the Civic and Social Organizations category by the Manalapan Award Program.


Program Updates

Sunday Programs

We are so excited to welcome Kimberly Bohichik to the Friendship Circle Team! Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Kimberly at our Sunday Program at Robertsville Elementary. She has proven to be a true asset to our team, and has brought a new perspective and fresh ideas to enhance our program, all while ensuring each participant is challenged and engaged during their time with us. Kimberly has been attentive and on hand to help any participant overcome challenges or face behaviors they may struggle with during their time at Friendship Circle. She is a truly invaluable member of the team.

Our therapy dogs are another exciting new addition! Together we have revamped the program under Kimberly and our amazing staff.

In light of the current state, we don’t wish to jeopardize anyone’s safety. In that vein, we have added an extra layer of precaution and we now have full time security every week for our Sunday Programs. To sponsor a week of security, please email: admin@friendsnj.com



Torah Circle

We switched things up at Torah Circle this year, when our FC participants were joined by Chabad’s Hebrew School children to learn all about the Jewish Holidays and their customs with different games and crafts! This was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and it created a warm, inclusive environment where every participant was able to gain and give.




Loaves of love

Our Loaves of Love session was a huge success! Liz worked with our Adult participants and together they created beautiful Chanukah Holiday gift towers and sold out of all 150!



Recent Events

Chanukah Party

The Chanukah party was a great hit, with over 65 people in attendance. We had an amazing photo booth, graciously sponsored by the Mandato Family & The Main Event.  There were refreshments for everyone to enjoy, and we spent the night dancing away to music provided by the awesome DJ. We ended the evening with a beautiful Menorah lighting and the whole group lent their voices to sing Chanukah songs.


Winter Camp 2019 – Fun, Trips, Socializing & More!

Winter Camp was an excellent experience with tons of fun, adventure, and opportunities to try something new every day! New friendships were made and old friendships were strengthened because of the dedication of our teen volunteers, and we are grateful for their help as always.


Featured Sponsors

WeCare Healthy System & Alla Mirsky Realtor

Thank you to all our sponsors! Without your generous support, we would not be where we are today. To be featured in our next quarterly issue, email: admin@friendsnj.com




Save the date

Walk4Friends – Sunday, May 17th, 12-4pm

Walk4Friends is an annual 1 mile walk that raises crucial funds and community awareness for The Friendship Circle. Walk4Friends begins with an inspirational opening ceremony followed by a 1 mile walk. Upon reaching the finish line, walkers will enjoy a post-walk celebration with entertainment, activities, food and much more…

Stay tuned for more info and open registration!



Let’s Celebrate!

At Friendship Circle you are never just a participant, volunteer or staff member—you are family! Help us share our congratulations to everyone celebrating their birthdays and other milestones this time of year!