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Teen Volunteers Definition of Rewarding

For our teen volunteers it's a good mix of bonding, learning and having a good time. We kicked off the new year with a Volunteer Educational Seminar.  The seminar was divided into two groups, one led by Rocky, who's one of our FC teachers specializing in sign language, the other led by our new behaviorist,

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Loaves of Love – Purim 2019 Session

What a successful Purim Session from our Loaves of Love Team! “Loaves of Love” is a project of The Friendship Circle of Central Jersey where our participants are responsible for creating, designing and putting together various gift packages, taking orders and having them ready for pick up. The goal of “Loaves of Love” is to

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Zachary’s Story

Zachary with his buddies Sari (right) and Shelby (left). Nine-year-old Zachary Brown has been an enthusiastic member of Friendship Circle for the last three years, joining shortly after his family moved to the East Brunswick area. The program has not only been beneficial to Zachary, but also to the whole Brown family. As

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Friends to the Finish Line

Sam Goto is aptly named—for several years now, Sam has been the ‘go-to’ for many people involved in Friendship Circle of Central Jersey. He’s the FC alumni who still keeps in close contact with the former volunteers who started out as his program buddies and grew into lifelong friends. He’s the person who loaned his

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