For our teen volunteers it’s a good mix of bonding, learning and having a good time.

We kicked off the new year with a Volunteer Educational Seminar.  The seminar was divided into two groups, one led by Rocky, who’s one of our FC teachers specializing in sign language, the other led by our new behaviorist, Kimberly.

Rocky taught volunteers the basics of sign language, including ABCs, basic sentences, and words such as mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.

Kimberly, taught about different behaviors and how to deal with them. She offered new techniques and gave a better understanding of the behaviors.

We also had a some fun at the Hamentashen bake, here’s what Lexie Seidler, one of our Presidents, had to say about it.

There is truly only one specific word to describe taking part in the Friendship Circle organization: rewarding. Spending time with children with special needs and ultimately making new friends is the most amazing part about being involved with FC, and honestly, nothing compares to seeing your buddy’s face light up when you help them engage in doing the things they love that they may not be able to do themselves. That being said, there are many characteristics of the term “rewarding” when referring to Friendship Circle. For instance, spending time with fellow volunteers and making memories is such a significant part of being involved with this amazing program.

This past week, Friendship Circle hosted a Hamentashen bake for the volunteers to hang out and essentially connect. A handful of volunteers went to Moushkie’s house to take part in this event and enjoy the other side of volunteering, which is making memories with the other volunteers that aid you in becoming successful with a specific buddy. We played Kahoot, laughed, and enjoyed the few hours as a celebration of the impact we have made throughout the years, months, and weeks being a part of the Friendship Circle. Evidently, the volunteers work so hard to make time for the buddies and accommodate to their desires. Therefore, sitting back and enjoying some quality time with members that share the same goals is an extremely rewarding experience.

Lexie Seidler, one of our Presidents in white.