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The Friendship Circle launched in Central Jersey in 2001 with a simple mission: To provide individuals with special needs with social and educational experiences they would otherwise not have. It is our goal to bring greater awareness and understanding to the community of both the unique gifts and the unique desires of individuals with special needs, and encourage respect and empathy for those facing these difficult challenges.


At the heart of all the Friendship Circle’s programming is the belief that each and every individual can be a productive member of the community and benefit from the social support offered by one’s peers. We envision a world in which individuals with special needs and their families experience acceptance, inclusion, and friendship as valued members of society.


The result of the Friendship Circle not only offers much needed respite to the parents of individuals with special needs, but instills a love and commitment to community service in our teen and young professional volunteers—the next generation of community leaders.


The Friendship Circle is dedicated to creating a supportive community for special needs children, their families and high school volunteers, giving them the opportunity to unearth their potential, make positive life choices, and realize their dreams.

Since 2001, The Friendship Circle works tirelessly to fulfill its mission.

Our Staff

  • Chanale Wolosow

    I am excited for another wonderful year of friendship, smiles, warmth, networking and fun! The mission of Friendship Circle is so powerful and it is a privilege to watch the special friendships and relationships unfold. This year I am looking forward to taking FC to the next level through community engagement, community events and working on our future “home.”

  • Moushkie Volovik
    Director of Volunteer & Alumni Division

    Friendship Circle is such a large and important part of who I am. Volunteering at Friendship Circle when I was in high school truly shaped who I am today. Through my experiences I learnt friendship can come in so many different shapes , sizes, and forms- it’s all about accepting it and allowing it to happen! The families and volunteers who are part of Friendship Circle are truly incredible people. I feel honored to be a part of the family!

  • Muka Pewzner
    Director of Operations

    Hi everyone! My name is Muka Groner-Pewzner.
    For two years, I worked at the Friendship Circle of New Jersey, and absoloutely loved every aspect of being here.
    Getting to know the community, the volunteers, and of course, the beautiful FC participants and their families was an incredible privelege.
    I am thrilled to be back here at Friendship Circle with my family! I am looking forward to building many new friendships, connections, and continuing to expand the many programs and activities of our organization.

  • Liz Newman
    Family Program & Friends at Home Coordinator

    I currently work for the Friendship Circle in Manalapan and have been working with children with disabilities for over 10 years. I decided this was my calling! My experiences while working with children with disabilities, has made me a stronger person. This population showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of working on the Friendship Circle team. I truly enjoy being part of this great organization and interacting with our participants, volunteers and their families.

  • Moussia Telsner

    Hi! My name is Moussia Telsner, and I am from Brooklyn, NY.
    I’m so excited to get involved with the Friendship Circle of Central Jersey this year. While in high school, I was lucky enough to be the Volunteer President of Friendship Circle of Brooklyn for 2 years. This summer, I was a head counselor in an overnight camp for the Sunshine Circle, a typical camp that integrates special children. I really enjoyed and learnt so much. Both of these past experiences have to me so much- and I am so happy to continue with Friendship Circle. I am excited to meet everyone and looking forward to a really great year!

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