Due to Covid-19, all our in-person programming and Friends at Home visits have been canceled. But this hasn’t stopped us from doing all we can virtually – our goal is to practice social distancing, not social isolation.


We have joined Friendship Circle’s worldwide, and are working hard to create virtual fun for everyone here at Friendship Circle. Everyday there are 3-6 activities ranging from, yoga, zumba, art, fitness, music, and more. Follow our Instagram stories & Fc Goes Virtual on Facebook for upcoming sessions!


Our Sunday Programs are now on Zoom at the same time slot they would normally run (for the majority of our age groups). We start the program each week with our music therapist, followed by different activities such as dance, fitness, music and movement, cooking, art, martial arts, story making and more. Many of our families and volunteers have joined us!
Click HERE to watch a full recap from past sessions.

Partially sponsored by Jewish Federation in the heart of NJ


YAD and YAD Junior is now on Zoom! Join us on Monday evening & Wednesday afternoon for some fun!


Friends at Home is now meeting up “virtually”! We are providing new ideas for our volunteers to do with their special friends that can work over FaceTime or Zoom. For more information, please email: moushkie@friendsnj.com


118 activity packages were delivered to the doorsteps of many of our Friendship Circle families. The packages included a Pesach activity book, cookie mix, cookie cutters, different activities put together by a special ed teacher, a t-shirt decorating contest and more! (This was put together and dropped off with proper safety protocols in place.) Stay tuned for our next activity package surprise!


Our teen volunteers are wonderful and keeping busy! They have been sending in videos to pass on to their special friends, attending Zoom meetings & brain dumps, helping with our social media, and coming up with creative ways to connect!


Our Behavior Therapist, Kimberly Bohichik, led a meeting with our Friendship Circle parents that offered ideas and tips on how to navigate these complex times. The challenges for all of us are tremendous, but having a child with special needs at home makes it much more complicated. We had another session this week with Rachel Beer, Speech Therapist & Pathologist, who provided practical tips on ways to communicate with your children at home and facilitate conversations. Both of these events were hugely supportive for the parents and we’re working on more ways we can be there for our parents.


DIY activity series initiated by one of our teen volunteers!


You ladies are absolutely amazing – true beauty inside & out! Thank you all for the thoughtful gift! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! 💐💕


Thanks so much! So incredibly thoughtful of you all. Your support means the world to our family 😘🙏🏻❤️


You guys are truly amazing!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and making my day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you ladies truly deserved!


Absolute BEST surprise during this whole quarantine time!!!!! I have been dying for a margarita and then to top it off with chocolate!!???!!! Unbelievable!! Thank you all for thinking of us. I pray everyone is safe and well!! Thank you so much again for the uplifting surprise!! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well and all the moms of the Friendship Circle!!❤️❤️


That was so sweet. I cannot thank you enough. It really was a wonderful surprise. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms working at Friendship Circle doing so much for all kids!


Hi! Thank you soooo much that was so sweet to be thought of 😊 I love it!! Happy Mother’s Day to all you gals❤️❤️


Thank you! How fun – just what we needed! You guys are wonderful! We hope you are all well and stay that way! Take care.


OMG! You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!


We just got home from taking a ride, and found the bag on the porch. Friendship Circle is just the best!!!


She lit up with Ms. colleen! It was perfect! I had a great time too:) Got us up and moving with a purpose and she was so happy to see familiar faces.


She loved today’s online class!! Awesome idea!