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Singing with Sam

The first time I ever saw Sam Goto was on a huge Walk4Friends billboard on Route 9. His million-dollar smile lit up the whole billboard, and I knew that I wanted to meet the boy behind this great smile! Luck was on our side when my oldest son, Josh, was chosen to be Sam’s Friends at Home buddy over 4 years ago. Every week, Josh would visit Sam at his house, where they would hang out, listen to music, and play video games. Sam would wait on the driveway for Josh, and after a long day at high school, this totally made Josh’s day. Together, they wrote the songs and produced the videos with other Friendship Circle kids for the Annual Walk4Friends. Since then, our family has become good friends with the entire Goto family. One of the highlights of our friendship is a summer trip to the Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe with Sam and his family. Everyone...
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Finding My Passion In Life – Hayley and Andy’s Story

My name is Hayley Tyson and I have volunteered at Friendship Circle for the past 4 years. When I first started volunteering at Friendship Circle, I did the Friends at Home Program. Every Sunday I would go to my buddy Andy’s house. Andy is such a creative, energetic, compassionate, and smart boy. He always showed me his Thomas the Train collection and would tell me the names of every train he had. We would go swimming, play different board games, and do arts and crafts. After my freshman year, I decided to volunteer for the Sunday circle program. I always looked forward to seeing Andy every Sunday afternoon after a hectic week of work and school. We would go to music class, engage in creative art projects, play catch in the gym, and Andy’s favorite activity was going on the swing on a nice sunny day. I never expected to have such a special connection and friendship with my buddies...
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The Voice of a FC Volunteer, By Alexandra Seidler

Every Sunday at 3 o’clock I pause my homework and leisure, get in the car, and make my way to Robertsville elementary school where I dedicate my time to children from all ages with mental and physical disabilities. I arrive by myself and sign into the Sunday Friendship Circle program, surrounded by kids with contagious smiles, jovial attitudes, and hearts filled with the unconditional passion to learn and grow with their dedicated volunteer buddies. Over the past two years I’ve made a family at friendship circle, and the comfort I feel at each and every program is indescribable and heartwarming to say the least. Few kids my age are privileged enough to work with the FC team and experience the benefits of giving back. Not only do the children that need assistance feel like they have made a substantial friend, but the volunteers that do the assisting are exposed to a rewarding feeling of love and gratitude.   The Friendship...
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