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Friends at Home

Children with special needs often have many adults in their lives – parents, teachers, therapists and doctors. The Friends at Home program offers the one thing these children are missing out on: friendship. Each week, a pair of specially trained teen volunteers visits their special friend in his or her home, offering companionship, laughter, and fun. In exchange, the teen volunteers learn the value of giving back and gain respect and empathy for those facing difficult challenges.

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Sports & Swim

Swim and Sports gives the children an opportunity to excel in their swimming skills and strengthen their muscle tone as well as instill independence and confidence as they enjoy time in the pool and participate in a variety of proffessional sport activities. Each month we will focus on the rules and skills of another sport.

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Friendship Circle Camps

Friendship Circle’s camp offers children a chance to build true friendships with their one-on-one teen volunteers as well as their peers. Each action packed day will be filled with stimulating, therapeutic, and fun activities such as music, swimming, art, sports and outdoor water fun. This year FC will be offering 5 camp programs: Winter break, Spring break, early Summer, End of Summer and our Summer afternoon program.

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